Hi! I’m Irene.

Baking is something I’ve long enjoyed and more recently, something I’ve been wanting to improve in and learn more about.

I work as a general music teacher and have extra time on my hands during the 8 weeks of “summer vacation.” In the past, I’ve used that time to do such things as….exercise vigorously, learn to knit, do wedding research, plan and finally enjoy our wedding (in 2011).

My plan for summer 2012, is to “home school” myself in baking. As you probably know, going to a professional culinary school to study baking and pastry can be very expensive. And although I might really enjoy it, I don’t currently have the time or budget to manage it. (Especially since I think it unlikely that I would trade my current FUN, exhausting, and not especially well paying profession for another…FUN, exhausting, and not especially well paying profession)

I will be using this blog to keep track of the new things I lean and new recipes I try. Wish me luck!

Oh! If you’re an experienced or professional baker or pastry chef, feel free to chime in. I would greatly appreciate the help.


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  1. Hi, I’ve recently discovered your blog and have just nomimated you for the Family of Bloggers Award! Find out what it’s all about here:


  2. Hi Irene. I luv how you and your husband took the dive from the Bay Area to So.Cal. I’ve lived and luv both ends of the coast, and I think it’s the only two areas I’d ever want to live (one or the other). I originally stopped by to thank you for following my site, but I was so amazed by your blog that it froze me. Your blog is MORE THAN AMAZING!!! I’ve spent a lot of time browsing through WordPress (just because it’s exciting), but your blog, brought me to a screeching halt! I usually browse and return, browse and return, etc., but I’ve been here (on your site) for a long time this morning, and I’m not done. What I luv is that you go beyond baking into “practical land” and I really appreciate it. There’s so much information here and I think everyone should stop by and take a look. You are extremely talented. Thanks so much for sharing what you do.

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