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Easy Hat and Booties: Nesting


The first summer after completing my bachelors degree, I decided I should utilize the summer months to learn a new craft. So, I picked up a book and taught myself to knit. At first I was feeling pretty ambitious. During those first couple years I not only made your typical quick and easy scarves, but I made a hand bag, socks, and even a big chunky sweater with some fancy details.  After a while, I found knitting to be time consuming, relatively expensive, and in my case risky (that big chunky sweater shed and wasn’t especially flattering).  Since then, I’ve taken a more hesitant approach to choosing my knitting projects.

With baby on the way, I DEFINITELY wanted to make something. I can’t imagine there is a mother in the world with the ability to crochet, knit, or sew who doesn’t feel compelled to make something for baby while she has a bun in the oven.

Being aware of my current lack of knitting ambition, my tendency to leave knitting projects unfinished, and my unwillingness to spend a significant amount of money on fancy baby yarn, I set out to find quick and easy cute baby knits.

This is what I went with….


And here are the links

Hat: http://sorellaandcompany.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/rib-knit-baby-hat5.pdf


Booties: http://www.smallfriendly.com/small-friendly/2014/05/bitty-baby-booties-.html


Buttons: http://m.pandahall.com/p-849682-wooden-buttons-2-hole-beer.html

The buttons traveled from pretty far away. I may have spent more money on shipping than on the actual buttons. If you find cute buttons locally, go with those. For some reason I really had my heart set on wooden bear buttons like the ones I saw used on the pattern for the hat. Ironically, I didn’t put buttons on the hat. AFTER ALL THAT!!!


By the way, if you only have time for one project, the hat is definitely the more practical choice.




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