Inspired: DIY Gender Reveal Poppers


I had long thought it might be cute to do a gender reveal party. But…..I didn’t exactly have the time and energy for it. Not to mention, we no longer live close to family. Revealing the gender of your baby to all your local friends and then………. once your friends already know filling your family in? doesn’t seem ideal. So, we opted for making just two little poppers, waiting for our wedding anniversary, and taking photos that we could text or email to family and close friends that are mostly all far away. sigh and sad face


Anywayzzzzzz….. I got the inspiration for our cute little poppers from Hand Made Mood. They have a super cute post for DIY Gender Reveal Confetti poppers. That I just loved. Unlike many other posts that I came across, this post actually has some very helpful downloadable labels that say “mademoiselle ou monsieur” SO CUTE!!!! But, I couldn’t resist trying to make our own labels. So, I used the download  from Hand Made Mood to guide my measurements of the length of the label and then used my embarrassingly limited abilities to make my own in both English and Spanish.  I thought that would make more sense for us. And since we only needed two….I thought it would work out just fine.

Gender reveal confetti popper label english and spanishAlso, I was able to personalize it. That’s fun!!!!!!

The supplies I used included:


After making the poppers, I then proceeded to cut out tissue paper in pink and blue, so that we could have a co-worker fill them up. That way we could both be surprised, rather than one of us knowing before the other.

DIY gender reveal confetti poppersConfession: At the moment, I may have been a little distracted and more concerned about whether the poppers would actually pop or get stuck. They do need a little bit of strength behind the push. Clearly, I’m not very good at “living in the moment”


4 comments on “Inspired: DIY Gender Reveal Poppers

  1. OHMYWORD! A little man!!! I love them AND that you put your own twist on it! Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy! – Amanda (and the rest of the Handmade Mood crew!)

  2. That’s awesome! What a great idea. I’m going to try it out the next time around. How did you manage to get the gender to your co-worker without finding out yourself?

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