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Summer Snack #2 -Frozen Grapes

frozen grapesWhat’s not to like about frozen grapes in the summer time????

  • They’re like mico-mini Popsicle! But, healthier.
  • They keep you cool on a hot day,
  • They last longer than grapes that aren’t frozen (no more old wasted grapes),
  • And they’re super easy to make….because well….you’re not really making anything. But, it sorta feels like you are!

Yay!!!!! TO GRAPES!!!!!!


All you need to do is….

  1.  Remove grapes from stems
  2.  Wash the grapes
  3.  Place grapes on a cookie sheet in a single layer, and place the sheet of grapes into the freezer until firm and frozen (This step is optional. Just know, if you skip this step your grapes will stick together while freezing. If you don’t intend on sharing your frozen grapes with anyone, this shouldn’t be an issue.)
  4. Transfer frozen grapes into an airtight container or freezer bag for long term storage.

frozen grapes

summer snack

Happy Summer and happy grape eating!


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