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Summer Decluttering – The Refrigerator

kitchen organization

I think I do a so-so job of throwing out the old as the weeks and months go by. However, I think even the most organized of us needs to take a couple days a year to go through the Refri and finally throw out those old things you didn’t have a heart to toss.

Well, that’s the chore I gave myself today. HAPPY SUMMER VACATION!!!!

In addition, I treated myself to a couple of refrigerator organizers.

One to put my cheese and small yogurts in (If I lived in a magazine, the container would probably be filled with identical little yogurts or juice boxes all lined up in a row. So pretty. Too bad I live in a world where my purchases aren’t all identical). This handy little container also allows me to pull out my entire cheese collection at once AND….  serves as a partition between the dairy and non-dairy liquids 🙂

kitchen organization

And another, larger one, to put my produce in

Kitchen organizationCreating a nice space for My husband’s sandwich supplies and another for my salsa verde

refrigerator organization

You can find these types of  storage containers at stores like the Container Store or Target. I purchased mine from Target.  They’re a little pricier  than I had hoped they would be. Hopefully they’ll help me stay organized.

Last but not least, I re-purposed a shelf insert from Ikea(originally intended to create more space in the kitchen cabinets). Now it’s a tortilla shelf and egg nook!!!! I just hope it doesn’t rust.


It may not look like much, but I’m hoping we will have a nice and happily organized refrigerator from here on out.



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