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Home warming party and no time to blog

Well….the good news is that we’re settling into our new Southern California environment (but, I still miss home).The other good new is that Vince got 40ish people to attend our home warming party (40 is huge in LA….especially when you’ve only been here about 6 months)!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a fun and yummy time with new and old friends, tomato bruschetta  crostini,  butternut squash soup shooters (made and froze the soup a week in advance….saved all sorts of time) recipe from CHOW 


Some lettuce wraps inspired by yummy buffalo wings,

wing sauce wraps(when I wasn’t to busy, I even added little celery curls)

wing sauce lettuce wraps

Some smashed potatoes, and mini corn dog muffins (inspired by some fun finds on pinterest ) with a side of home made ketchup. Both recipes are very easy and fairly quick to make. The potatoes can be preped ahead of time, boiled and smashed on the sheet then set aside until you’re ready to roast them. And the mini muffins hold up well at room temperature.


There may have also been meat balls (also made a week ahead and frozen), tomato with mozzarella, quesadillas with caramelized onions and roasted Anaheim peppers, strawberries with chocolate dip, ice cream sandwiches, and apple puff pastry tarts……GOODNESS WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!

Anyways, the bad news is that both Vince and I have been working hard long hours….so the blogging fun has had to slow down. But hopefully I can soon tell you more about those lettuce wraps and the puff pastry apple tarts



One comment on “Home warming party and no time to blog

  1. Oh my gosh!! That sounds like the most delicious party ever– you are amazing!

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