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In the Kitchen · 365 Project

Just started a 365 day project that I probably should have started on January 1st….heeheehee.

I’m trying to take a picture in my kitchen everyday  (but I’ll only be uploading them once a week)

Here are images 1-7 (let’s go ahead and start placing bets on how long I last with this project)

sourdough starter

My active and bubbly starter, should look familiar.


A strawberry project of strawberry camomile syrup, strawberry preserves, and strawberry butter (it tastes like Christmas)


A happy little cutting from my new basil plant. A house warming gift from Alma and Trent. Thanks!!!

mexican pottery

Displaying my only piece of authentic Mexican pottery. I love this little salsa dish that Maria gave us.


This little juicer has been getting lots of use this summer. Making the season nice and refreshing for us.


found these lovelies at the farmer’s market!


Forgot to add salt to the dough of my first bread loaves made with my new and improved starter. Argh!!!!! ended up sprinkling some on while shaping the dough. It tasted pretty good. looked oddly shaped.  But…I liked it 🙂

Feel free to check out the project.

salt by Irene Navarro · 365 Project.


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