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Old Baking Sheets #1 – Magnetic Chalkboard

Old Baking Sheets #1 – Magnetic Chalkboard

cookie-sheet white board

When I decided to start baking regularly, I invested in some new baking sheets/ jelly roll pans. My old pans are thin and they sometimes bend from the heat of the oven. I have two thin and almost rimless cookie sheets that on a couple occasions bent in the oven and sent cookies sliding off. Well, despite not being the best baking sheets for making cookies, they still serve a purpose in the kitchen.

This one got a little make over. I used white paint (rust-oleum), chalkboard paint, and a pair or pliers to bend the top rim. I had to bend the top rim a little in order to hang it. Bending the metal did cause a couple shards/ shavings of metal to come off. They’re a little sharp, so gloves wouldn’t be a bad idea.


I made mine double sided. This way I can also use it to display and label food. 🙂


One comment on “Old Baking Sheets #1 – Magnetic Chalkboard

  1. Now this is an ingenious idea!!! I won’t be throwing out any more cookie sheets.

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