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Beautiful Bundts/ my new cake pans!!!!

Bundt Cake

I used to think Bundt Cakes looked plain and old-fashion. Not sure what changed, but now I love them!!!!

Perhaps now that I’m older I just appreciate that they for some strange reason remind me of grandmothers (based on my recollection, neither of my grandmothers were bundt cake bakers. So I’m really not sure where the connection comes from).

All that to say….I now think they’re beautiful and elegant. And despite the fact that I was giving away, donating, storing and packing all my belongings last month, It didn’t stop me from purchasing a set of 2 new red colored bunt pans from Amazon. YAY!!!!! YAY!!!! NEW STUFF TO PACK!!!!! YAY!!!!

Bundt Cake Pans

Now, some customers have complained about the weight of these pans (they’re really light. Your children could probably play catch with them, and you wouldn’t need to worry about any serious injuries)

But when you’re packing up your entire kitchen, light doesn’t seem like a bad thing. Not to mention, if you grease and flour the pans as directed, the cakes come out real pretty with very little to no sticking. And that’s really what matters….right?????

Bundt cakeAnywayzzzzzz……..

The set included a 6 cup pan and a 12 cup pan.

Exactly what I was looking for….I had stacking plans for my bundts

Layered- bundt-cakes-

and decorating plans…



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