Now in LA (p.s. thanks IKEA)


Well, It’s been about three months since my last post and prior to that I really wasn’t posting regularly.

You see…..I’ve been a little distracted.

My husband and I got this crazy little idea to relocate from the San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles in Southern California. So needless to say, we’ve spent the last several months looking for an apartment, applying for jobs, packing, saying good-bye to friends and family in SF, and….. since we didn’t have enough going on, we threw in a two week trip to Europe.


Well, Europe was beautiful (as expected)



And I must admit that it felt a little funny coming home to a new city.

The good news is that before we left on our trip, we did find a neighborhood and an apartment in LA that we both like. It helps that our apartment happens to be within walking distance from the homes of some pretty awesome So. Cal. friends of ours. The apartment has an air-conditioner and an oven with actual numbers on the dial!!!!!! WOW!!!! NUMBERS!!!(FYI, the oven in my last apartment had no legible or accurate numbers/ temperature markings).  Now if only the air-conditioner was IN the kitchen and the oven dial had more than just a few numbers on it…..then I might think I was in heaven.

We’re fairly well settled into our new place. And some how, despite having downsized from a 2 bedroom flat to a 1 bedroom apartment, we still managed to find things we “needed” at IKEA (I’ve tried hard to out grown and move past IKEA, but the deals are just too good. When you’re not living in the dream home you plan to grow old in, it seems silly to make a bigger investment in certain home furnishing items). Well as expected, at least half of what we “needed” was for the kitchen. And now that the kitchen is mostly put together, I’m glad to say I can get back to cooking in my own home (after 3-4 weeks of take-out and restaurants).


We got a couple extra jars with lids, and some cute little white tins to store cookie cutter and other cookie making trinkets.


We invested in 3 of the GRUNDTAL wall shelves. I’m quite pleased that I can use them to display a couple of my pretty pantry jars.

new-apartment-6847And lastly, we added a door to my old billy bookcase that used to help keep my luxurious (in comparison to my new one) closet in SF organized. It now holds all our wine glasses, cocktail glasses and such.

Thanks IKEA!!!! I could have never crammed so many of my kitchen supplies and gadgets into this much smaller apartment if it wasn’t for all your nifty storage and organizational contraptions. 🙂

Unfortunately, IKEA did not have a step stool I liked. Still in search of the perfect step stool to help with some of those items stored in hard to reach places.



3 comments on “Now in LA (p.s. thanks IKEA)

  1. great article, enjoyed it

  2. Looks beautiful! Yes, IKEA and high shelves are my solution too! I have a Polder step stool from Bed Bath and Beyond which folds flat and can hide next to the fridge. So happy to hear that you are all moved in!

  3. Very inspirational! I might have to make a trip to ikea! 🙂

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