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Play Ball!!!


Using a piping bag, a coupler and relatively thick royal icing, one can easily pipe out simple white circles. You can use a damp finger tip (just lightly wet your finger with water) to flatten out any peaks or points that may occur when piping out the circles. It’s probably best to pipe these onto wax paper, but since I didn’t have any I had to use parchment. I think they may have dried a little quicker and come off the paper easier if I had had the wax paper.


Let your circles dry completely (this will take several hours/ over night), once they are firm and can be easily removed from the paper, store in an airtight container until you are ready to use them.


Use a thin brush and red food coloring to paint stitches onto your royal icing circles. This can be done in advance. I did mine about 24hours ahead. Some of the coloring bled a tiny bit (but this was probably because I wet the brush at one point, in an attempt to get a thinner and smoother line. I would not recommend wetting your brush….the food coloring will bleed over time). If you don’t intend to use them right away, store in a container once the food coloring has dried.


You can then use your baseballs to decorate your cupcakes!!! (or other baseball inspired desserts)


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate glaze, green American style butter cream (multi opening decorating tip – Wilton 233), and royal icing baseballs.


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