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My First Layer Cake

Layer Cake

April has turned out to be a rather hectic and busy month so far. Finding time to bake has been a bit of a challenge and finding time to blog, even more so.

Well, when this Saturday turned out to be a home alone with nothing to do kind of day (this rarely happens), I jumped at the chance to try and tackle my first layer cake.

I use a cake ring and everything! The filling is lemon curd and fresh raspberries, the soak – a simple syrup, and the frosting a meringue butter cream with  vanilla bean and a spoon full of lemon curd.  I must say, the lemon curd and raspberries filling is a lovely and refreshing combination.

It was a time consuming endeavor, but perfect for a day at home with nothing to do. And oh so yummy too!!!!



One comment on “My First Layer Cake

  1. Forgot to tell you how delicious our slice was!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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