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Game Day Leftovers = Ritz Cheesecake Bites

cheesecake bites

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a game day gathering to watch one of the playoff games. Despite our great effort to finish all the appetizers and snacks while watching the game, we still ended the evening with an untouched bag of doritos and a nearly full box of ritz crackers.

I’m a sucker for doritos (that’s why I generally try to avoid buying them), trying to pace myself, It took me about two weeks to get through that bag of chips. I’m sure I could have done the same with the crackers. But….I decided it would be much more fun to bake with them.

I finally got around to that yesterday. I used them to make the crust for some cheesecake bites. I followed the same principles and recipe one would use to make a graham cracker crust….just replaced the graham crackers with ritz crackesrs. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste shockingly different or salty. I imagine most people probably wouldn’t notice. Now, if you want to make them notice….just garnish with a drizzle of honey and some more crackers.


What’s not to like? Who doesn’t like a little honey and cheese on their crackers???


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