Macaron Feet for Breakfast


Earlier this week, I had macaron feet for breakfast. They’re yummy and I couldn’t help but feel like after destroying their chances of becoming a half decent macaron, I owed it to them to help them fulfill their purpose in life. Being consumed.

I had read so many online horror stories about making macarons that my expectations for my first attempt were beyond low. These low expectations persuasively managed to drag down my motivation.  And as you know, If you don’t have the motivation or patience to actually read the words on the page of your recipe, and measure out the ingredients…. you should really consider doing it some other time. But, I didn’t. And my mind had already decided this would be a disaster and seemed determined to create one. So…..We made a disaster!!!!!

I had a three day weekend this week, and it  seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out a new recipe. I reluctantly chose macarons just because I had some left over egg whites in the refrigerator. Not the best attitude, I wasn’t all that excited, but at least determined to follow through with my decision.  And maybe things would have gone better if  MLK day didn’t also seeme like a good day to do a few other things.

  • Do laundry
  • Go to mall for cosmetics , nesspresso and a new silpat.
  • Do some grading (work)
  • Take a Short run in the park with a friend
  • Watch an episode of Downton Abbey
  • Make pupusas for dinner
  • Hang out with the husband and watch Homeland.

The day started off well, but shaky. Literally, cause our washer machine is acting up. So, I missed my fist bus heading downtown ’cause of the washer. But, I made good time while shopping, despite being a sucker for Dior cosmetics and secretly wanting to spend more time there. I caught the buss home at a reasonable time. It was late in the morning on a Monday so there weren’t  too many others riding. Just me and a few street people. Considering my bus riding companions, i started feeling a little guilty about my Dior purchase ($45 for blush. Really Dior? But I love it! But I hate it! Errrr, inner conflict) making the slow ride home a little painful and uncomfortable. However, I still made it to the mall and back within 2 hours. Plenty of time to separate more eggs,  for the now seemingly pretentious and wasteful (yolk wasting, pricy almond flour using) macarons.


So I bought half a dozen eggs, separated them,  and set them aside for later that afternoon.

Got into my running gear and started some online grading, while waiting for my run buddy. Run buddy showed up, took a nice easy run around Stowe lake in Golden Gate Park (it was sunny! In San Francisco!) came back home and watched an upsetting episode of Downton Abbey! Oh the drama! How are they gonna get themselves out of this one?
Friend went home. Then, I had to take a long shower before baking, cause I was still all sweaty from running and I’m no fan of sweaty baking, not to mention I needed time to think over the new Downton developments.
Before I knew it,  it was 5:00pm and all I had done was separate eggs. Not to mention I was starting to feel a little lazy.

Around 5:10 I started to prepare my almond flour, then the eggs and, next thing I know, Vince was home! And shortly after that, the macarons were in the oven. I set a timer and  ignored them as they baked, assuming they would turn into one flat oozy sheet of a cookie or super round and over puffy, cracked perhaps little balls. I was rather surprised when I opened the oven to find smooth domed macarons with actual feet. Miss-shapened due to my careless piping, but surprisingly macaron-ish. While i was slightly thankful for beginners luck’s helping hand, i was mostly just Happy to have them done and still a bit skeptical.  I placed them on my “stove shelf”, cause I needed my counter space to make dinner. And right under them I proceeded to cook pupusas (if you don’t know what pupusas are, just imagine quesadillas)


Perhaps this goes with out saying, but after cooking dinner under them, my cookie sheets weren’t exactly cool. Yet I proceeded to carelessly rip the macarons off their baking sheets. The first batch, which I baked on parchment came off pretty easily and managed to survive my careless actions. The second sheet didn’t fair so well. I removed a couple and noticed they were sticking pretty bad. And yet, it didn’t stop me from continuing to thoughtlessly remove them from the sheet and declare them the “disastrous” macarons I had anticipated. Even Vince new I wasn’t being as delicate as I should be. And deep down I knew, it wouldn’t hurt to actually let the cookie sheet finish cooling.  But at 7:00pm, I didn’t really care. For some reason, I chose disaster over macaron.


So the following morning for breakfast, I had macaron feet. The Macaron feet that stuck to the sheet the night before, but in the morning came off the cold cookie sheet with ease. Sorry macarons. I ruined your chance to be my mediocre first try macarons. Not sure what got into me…..but, I’ll try giving you a better chance next time. (Let’s not even get into the fact that I violently stabbed cold jelly into a few of the survivors with a butter knife…..they cracked under pressure).

So all that to say……make sure you have the time and patience to believe in yourself and enjoy yourself when you’re trying out new “tricky” recipies. Apparently a little negativity can effect your recipes significantly.





2 comments on “Macaron Feet for Breakfast

  1. But they still look fab – you could have posted all about amazing macarons and from the final pictures you’d never know they stuck!

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