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Thoughts on Holiday Cookie Baking

snowman cookies

I always enjoy making an assortment of cookies to gift friends and family for Christmas. I invite people over to help decorate and we have a grand old time!!!! At least I do! I like to pace myself by cutting and baking certain cookies ahead of time. That way my helpers/ guests can do the fun decorating part.

And, I mostly use recipes I’ve had success with earlier in the year. That gives me an opportunity to see how well the cookies hold up so that I can make sure that they will still taste good for a few days after baking. You don’t wanna spend all sorts of time baking cookies that won’t taste good by the time your friends get their hands on them.

However, I am still thinking that 2012 may have been the last year I conduct this cookie baking extravaganza. Mainly because  (most of ) the cookies are amazing and it is simply sinful to let them go to waste ….yet alone let them grow stale! Eeeeeek! And with the bombardment of cookie gifting and party gluttony that comes with the season….I get the impression that a number of people simply can’t manage downing a dozen cookies between the 24th and 28th of December (and they don’t taste quite the same after that). Next year I’ll probably just cookie bake by request. And….I guess everyone else will get some sort of preserves (Now there’s something you can get an early start on…and, your friends can take their time enjoying them. Not to mention…if they want cookies they can help themselves to making thumb print or Linzer cookies using your homemade preserves. That’s reasonable…isn’t it?).

Well…..here are a couple more examples of what we put together for 2012. Hopefully I’ll find time in 2013 to share the recipes. That way you too  can enjoy them once you’ve recovered from Holiday indulgences.

Christmas Chocolate mint cookie

adapted from Sarahbeth’s Chocolate Chubbies. Nuts omitted and topped with melted chocolate and crushed candy cane.


We made two kinds of Alfajores (dulce de leche sandwiches). A glazed cacao cinnamon, and a vanilla brandy. I look forward to sharing the recipes later in 2013


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