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Macaron Feet for Breakfast

Macaron Feet for Breakfast

Earlier this week, I had macaron feet for breakfast. They’re yummy and I couldn’t help but feel like after destroying their chances of becoming a half decent macaron, I owed it to them to help them fulfill their purpose in life. Being consumed. I had read so many online horror stories about making macarons that […]

Thoughts on Holiday Cookie Baking

I always enjoy making an assortment of cookies to gift friends and family for Christmas. I invite people over to help decorate and we have a grand old time!!!! At least I do! I like to pace myself by cutting and baking certain cookies ahead of time. That way my helpers/ guests can do the […]

Holiday Centerpiece

You may recall that a couple months ago I wrote a post about glitter jars that I was making for an ambitious advent calendar. Well, I’m pleased to say that they made for a very lovely and festive centerpiece that we were able to keep on the table for weeks (It’s actually still on our […]