Marta’s Baby Shower Cookies

rain window

Now what you see in this first picture is an example of not the best weather for decorating cookies with royal icing, or baking anything else that may be sensitive to humidity. While it doesn’t necessarily make working with the icing any more difficult, there is a possibility that somehow the humidity will cause the grease from the butter in your cookies to seep into your beautifully iced cookie design. On that note….If you insist on making and decorating sugar cookies with royal icing under these conditions, photograph them promptly!!!! After 24 hours you may find little blotchy grease marks all over your purple hippos darling faces. I photographed mine in time. If it hadn’t been for my confession, you would have never known that eventually the grease seeped through. (FYI, they’re still cute and tasty when blotchy…. so, it’s not that big of a deal….unless maybe you’re entering some sort of competition or selling them, rather than giving them away like I do. People are significantly less picky about free things….I know I am).

Royal icing baby shower cookies

The same cookie and icing recipes, used a couple months ago,  from Sweet Sugar Belle’s are still trending in my kitchen. Here are the links if you need them:

Sugar Cookies -US measurements

Royal icing 101

Baby Shower cookies

Baby Shower elephant cookies

Baby Shower flower cookies

Baby Shower hippo cookies

Congratulations to Marta and Drew!!!!!


2 comments on “Marta’s Baby Shower Cookies

  1. That white flower is stunning! Did you pipe it all freehand?

  2. These were as delicious as they were absolutely adorable works of art! Your photography is luscious!

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