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Ambisious Advent: making gliter jars….lots of them

You know what I really wanted to do? Make an advent calendar. But, rather than putting little treats into a small container I thought I could put messages with fun winter activities to do. Take a holiday photo, get a Christmas tree, send out cards, watch a holiday movie, make cookies, make and wrap presents, etc….

I thought is might be lovely to use mason jars with the day of the month written on a chalk board painted top. And, I thought I could decorate the outside with glitter to make it look festive, snowy, and sparkly. I thought it might also look lovely to either fill the jars with flowers (poinsettias maybe?) or light a tea light inside the jar once the day had passed. But surprisingly, I didn’t let the number 24 deter me from taking on the task…..and I probably should have. 24….that’s a whole lot of jars and glitter and glue.

christmas gliter candle holders

But I couldn’t help but think how lovely and sparkly it might look? sigh

And since I’m now already 21 jars in, I’m more determined and excited than ever to get the project done! And even though it’s been a somewhat lengthy process, I am now a pretty experienced jar glitterer. And I can share my process with you in the event that you too want to glitter and chalk board paint somewhere between 1 to 24 mason jars.

What you’ll need:

  • masking tape
  • jars
  • mod podge type craft glue (I think that Martha Stewart also makes one). Both the matte finish and the gloss finish are fine.
  • foam brush(es)
  • fine glitter (I tried extra/ ultra fine and did not like the results)
    in your favorite color(s). I used “Glitz”  and “Bling” by  recollections
  • Paper to sprinkle your glitter over
  • chalk board paint (optional)
  • chalk markers (optional)


1. tape up your jars depending on how high up the sides you want the glitter

mason jar

2. Brush your glue onto one of the jars, bellow the tape line. I like using the matte finish glue for the bottom layer.

3. Hold the jar over a folded piece of paper and POUR the glitter all over the glue.

4. Tap the jar lightly and set aside to dry

5. Take the folded paper full of glitter and carefully pour the glitter back into its container.

6. repeat steps 2-5 with remaining taped jars 🙂

7. Remove tape after the glue has had 15-20 minutes to dry. If you let it dry completely, the tape may take some of the glitter off with it when removed. Also, removing the tape early allows you the opportunity to neaten your glue line with a damp paper towel (sometime little pockets of glue seep under the tape).

8. Allow jars to dry completely or overnight.

The jars look prettiest at this state. However, they have a tendency to shed and leave glitter residue when you handle them. So, you may like to add an additional layer of glue on top.

9. Once the glitter layer has dried completely, dab and spread a thin layer of glue to help seal in the glitter layer (I preferred the “gloss” finish for this step). Once they dry, the jars may not look quite as lustrous as before, but they’ll leave a lot less mess.

Now for the lids…..

chalk board mason jar lids

If you have used lids, it may be best to use those. Since you can’t reuse them for canning purposes.

Lay out your lids, free from their rings and brush on a layer of chalk board paint. Allow paint to dry completely before using.

chalk board mason jar lids

The rings will cover the edges of the lids. So, no need to worry if your paint job is a little messy.

Now use chalk or chalk markers to write whatever you’d like on them!

Since I’m aiming to make an advent calendar, I’ll stick with numbers.


One comment on “Ambisious Advent: making gliter jars….lots of them

  1. This looks like so much fun!

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