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Fall Centerpiece

Monogram Fall Centerpiece

I’m not entirely sure why I always feel compelled to have a centerpiece on my dining room table. But…I do. And if it’s something that I can move out of the way quickly, even better. In addition….It needs to be affordable and long lasting.
I like to think that our Autumn centerpiece does a good job of fitting that criteria. I love using pumpkins and gourds in my Autumn centerpieces. They can last for such a long time (as long as you don’t carve them)!  One of my neighbors once bought a couple pumpkins to place in front  of her home for Halloween. Since  she left them uncarved, they survived Halloween and she left them out for Thanksgiving too. After Thanksgiving, she spray painted them gold and silver and left them out for Christmas…and New Years….to be completely honest, I’m not sure exactly how long she kept them out on her stoop, but it seemed like nearly a year.

Even though you may want to avoid carving your pumpkin so that it can last longer, that doesn’t mean you can decorate it.

monogram pumpkin

For our centerpiece, I printed and cut out an “N”, placed tape on the back of the paper “N” to keep it in place on the pumpkin, traced it lightly with a pencil, removed the paper “N” and lastly outlined and filled in the letter with a black Sharpie.

I placed my monogrammed pumpkin in a bowl with some candles we have left over from our wedding (If you buy candles for your wedding, be sure to hold on to the extras. They really come on handy and are fun to decorate with. I’ve been using them to decorate the house for over a year now), and some mini pumpkins that one of our local produce shops was selling at 5 for $4.00 (not bad…right?)

I currently have it surrounded by mason jars filled with flowers and leaves. But, I hope to change that up throughout the season. I was thinking some sugar skulls and marigolds (if I can find them) for Halloween/ day of the dead. And, for Thanksgiving perhaps we will add a variety of gourds or some leaves.  The only problem with it is that the “N” is only on one side…..so those who sit on the opposite side of the table don’t have as nice a view. Perhaps I’ll work on that too.


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