Decorating cookies without a steady hand

This past weekend I celebrated a birthday.

And since I’ve been wanting to spend a little extra time working on decorating cookies, I thought my birthday might be a good time to gift myself a couple additional decorating tips and a food coloring kit with a little more variety than Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. What I couldn’t gift myself, unfortunately, was a steadier hand. But, I luckily found a couple cookie decorating options that allowed for a little shakiness in the wrist.

I experimented with a couple tutorials I found online. One for marigolds.

marigold cookies

marigold cookies

And one for brush embroidery. It looked a little easier in the video than it played out in real life. I think the consistency of my icing and the size of my brush may have played a small role in the difficulty.

brush embroidery

brush embroidery cookies

But I think they still came out looking nice……bright and festive at the very least. So, if you have the same trouble I do when it comes to straight lines…..give flowers a try. No one expects any two to be exactly the same.

If you’re interested, here are the links I used:

Pretty Little Marigold Cookies

Brush Embroidery Video

Good Luck! Have Fun!!!

2 comments on “Decorating cookies without a steady hand

  1. They are so, so pretty – the painted ones are actually my favourites and I love the jigsaw-like effect you have made by having them laid out like that.

  2. These are really pretty!

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