Milk (momofuku milk bar)


Back in May I purchased a book you may be familiar with. It’s called Milk (momofuku milk bar). I was intrigued by its uniquely titled recipes and the creatively presented desserts. Now, this wasn’t exactly the kind of book I felt I could just dive into once I got home. This was partly because some of the ingredients and supplies were difficult to locate at my local grocery stores and shops. Thanks to Amazon i was able to get my hands on, gelatin sheets, cake collars, a 6″ cake ring, and citric acid. Now I’m just missing glucose.

The other reason I waited to try out the recipes was because I had read a couple reviews warning that recipes didn’t always come out well and at times, overly sweet. So….I proceeded with caution and have so far avoided most of the unfamiliar ingredients. I’ve made a couple different types of crumb and LOVE them!!!

I used them on cupcakes

MILK Birthday cake crumb

I used the birthday cake crumb on cupcakes

On a cake and in the cake (between the layers)

Milk Crumb

And, on Ice cream

Pie Crumb

Ice Cream with Pie Crust Crumb

I also recently tried the Bagel Bombs and loved those too (maybe a little on the salty side – I might use less salt next time or just cut back on the amount of topping I use. The way the recipe reads, is as if they want you to use as much of the topping as possible. But, that may be more than necessary).

The book provides one bread dough recipe and that one dough is used and adapted to make several different things from rolls to savory croissants. For the bagel bombs, the dough is filled with a “bacon, scallion, cream cheese, plug” and then topped with an everything bagel inspired mix of seasonings and seeds. Very yummy, but perhaps shouldn’t be an everyday breakfast treat.

So far, I’m having fun with my book purchase. I definitely understand why heath conscious individuals might want to shy away from it. It does include a number of recipes that call for packaged processed foods and sugary cereals. However, I think anyone who enjoys creative and amusing ways of using ingredients might enjoy a look through this book for some culinary inspiration. I’m having a lot of fun. However, I am approaching the recipes carefully and with a bit of skepticism. Rather than following the directions exactly as written I’m relying a little extra on my own intuition when it comes to baking time (and from now on, the amount of seasoning).

If you’ve  had a chance to try and enjoy any of the recipes from this book, I would love to hear about it.


2 comments on “Milk (momofuku milk bar)

  1. This is one of my most favourite cookbooks ever! Try the marshmallow cornflake cookies–they are totally addictive!

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