Go to the Library! They Offer Free Cookbook Trials

Perhaps everyone else has been doing this all along, but I just started about a year ago. I’ve been taking cookbooks out of the Library…..for FREE….yup….FREE…..that’s how public library’s work.

I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve bought or acquired cookbooks that I later find myself using very infrequently.  And at times, I have even found myself disappointed with the quality of the recipes (mostly the ones they used to sell in the cheap/ sale section of Borders. Remember Borders? Are those still around?).

The smart thing would be to part ways and donate these books so some other poor soul can feel disappointed with them. What’s stopping me? I don’t know; probably the misconception that I will someday use the books, despite the fact that I haven’t opened them in a decade. But here is one thing I do know: The Library has become my ally in helping me make sure my kitchen doesn’t get taken over by useless cookbook that I pretend not to hate (Errrrr….Borders and all their great “deals”…..my life may in fact be a little better in their absence). I actually really enjoy borrowing cookbooks from the library. I get introduced to books I might otherwise become acquainted with. You also get a chance to try out that one recipe that really interested you in that one cookbook, but you couldn’t justify buying an entire book for one recipe, so you didn’t get a chance to try the recipe. Well, the Library solves that problem for you. I love it!

And, their cookbooks are surprisingly clean. Either no one else is borrowing them or only very neat cooks.


2 comments on “Go to the Library! They Offer Free Cookbook Trials

  1. Why did I NEVER think of this? Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

    • I know right!? That’s exactly what I thought when I was once debating weather or not to purchase a cookbook and husband casually asked “why don’t you just borrow it from the library?” Such an obvious solution, but I had never thought of it myself.

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