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Home Sweet Home Made Mochas

Vince and I just got back from an oh so fun trip to LA and Anaheim. Neither of us had been to Disney Land for well over 10 years (pushing 15). Considering we live in California, It seems like a ridiculous amount of time.

Disney Land

Turns out, there has been an entire amusement park worth of changes since our  last visit (called Disney California Adventure). So, we had quite a bit of catching up…and my feet are still recovering from all the walking. It didn’t help that I had this genius idea to run 8 miles yesterday (by “run” I mean something more like a jog…I’m a little slow).

Even though the happiest place on earth is pretty fantastic, It’s still nice to be home. It’s nice to be back in my own bed and using my espresso machine.

I have a Nesspresso Aerocciono (in other words, an electric milk frother), and the Essenza (automatic espresso machine), that I absolutely love. Maybe its because they allow me to make fancy espresso drink in the comfort of my own home while still half asleep and no knowledge of how to really make espresso drinks. Today I treated myself to what I like to call a Baker’s Pantry Mocha. Using a few ingredients that I always have around the house.

  •  White Sugar
  • Cocoa Powder
  • 2/3 – 3/4 cup of Milk
  • 2 Nesspresso capsules (2 shots of espresso)

Today, I used two heaping tea/dessert spoons full of sugar and two level dessert spoons full of cocoa powder. In the past, I’ve used one generous table spoon full of sugar and a scant table spoon of cocoa…I think I prefer that. But, I like things on the sweeter side. Please note that I never use measuring spoons when making coffee drink so everything is approximate.

I pour my milk into the Aeroccino and let it steam and I make an espresso shot at a time with my Essenza

I mix the sugar and cocoa in my cup or glass with a bit of liquid (either espresso or milk), about an ounce or two, to allow the cocoa powder to dissolve so that it can incorporate easily with the other ingredients.

Once the sugar and cocoa have dissolved I add my remaining espresso and milk.  My favorite thing about making these at home is that I can always play around with the measurements and try different things…I sometimes like to add cinnamon for a Mexican Chocolate sort of twist and I recently tried an adapted version of Nespresso’s Apple Ginger Coffee recipe (it uses herbal tea. Kinda crazy right?) I guess I would have to call it Peach Apricot Honeybush Coffee, since that’s the kind of tea I used.

Well all that to say, I’m now ready and caffeinated to head to the grocery store and get back to baking.


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