Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake Make Over

Mini Chocolate CakeOn the Pioneer Woman’s blog, there is a recipe for “The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever” And, no joke…..It just might be. It’s delicious and super simple to make. Now the frosting recipe that accompanies the cake, I haven’t tried. So, I can’t say if it’s equally amazing or not. But I will say this. The Cake is delicious with or without frosting. As long as you get to stuff pieces of this thing in your mouth, you will be beyond content.

chocolate cake

Well, I recently acquire some new baking toys (tools). A Cake Ring and some cake collars. Wanting to give them a go and have some play time with my new toys, I decided to whip up one of these sheet cakes. Having made this cake once before, and having tried to cut shapes out of it in the past, I decided to make some modifications. Not to the cake itself….NEVER! But I changed the way I prepared my pan.

I sprayed the pan and lined it with parchment so that the cake would be easy to remove from the pan. (If you intend to serve it directly from the pan like the “Pioneer Woman” seems to do, this would be an unnecessarily modification. Unless you like eating cake with paper on it.)

Once it was done baking, I allowed it to cool significantly, ran a knife along the edge of the pan to loosen the cake, and using another baking sheet turned it over onto the back of that baking sheet. It felt cool, so I carefully removed the parchment. This cake is not Super moist, but SUPER-DUPER MOIST. So trying to cut neat circles out of it, require care. And the first step to being careful would be to let it cool completely. So, I gave it more time. Just to be safe.

I then cut two circles with my new cake ring (I was so excited I forgot to take pictures)!!!!! And four smaller circles with my old circle cookie/ biscuit cutters. I wrapped the cake collars around the bottom layer of each cake (for the bigger one I used the cake ring and placed the collar along the inside of the ring), added some cream cheese frosting, added a second layer of cake, and more frosting. I used a ziploc bag with a cut corner to add the frosting. Nothing fancy!

I forgot to take a real picture with the cake rings and collars. But, here is an instagram photo. Notice….I couldn’t find tape, so I used a rubber-band to hold the cake collar in place. Tape would have been much easier to work with if I had it.

They came out looking adorable. I like to think that this is how “The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever” gets made over or dolled up for a date or special occasion.

Mini Chocolate Cake

Ok….now go give the recipe a try and feel free to give it your own personal flair!


4 comments on “Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake Make Over

  1. What a great looking tasty treat.

  2. I like the lipstick stain on the coffee mug in the last shot 🙂

  3. Fantastic! I love the idea of using cake collars, it makes them look so neat

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