My Marble Technique Can Use Some Work

chocolate banana marble breadBack to the quick breads (Never mind the fact that I still have some yeast bread posts I never finished). I am trying to make my way through the Art and Soul of Baking one chapter at a time.

This is the Chocolate-Banana Marble Bread. And, it’s way better than it looks. It looks like an ordinary marble loaf, but it is SUPER moist. I really like it.

The only thing I don’t get is…what’s the best way to “get your marble on!”  I don’t even know what to call it. She tells you to “drop alternating spoonfuls of dark and light batter into the” pan. And then….there is a beautiful photo of perfectly and neatly spooned alternating squares of dark and light batter sitting contently in the pan. When I tried this….not so perfect….not so neat. Was it cause I used a spatula instead of a spoon? Either way, I’m not sure it matters much. Cause after that you’ve gotta mix it up! Marbleize it by carefully turning the batter over “in 3 places down the length of the pan.” I thought I did that. But a still ended up with one all dark slice and one all light slice. See….

My nearly all light batter slice

The chocolate in this bread is fairly intense (I’m not complaining). So, its nice when you can get a piece with a nice balance of dark and light batter.

Chocolate Banana Marble bread

These slices turned out nicely 🙂
why can’t they all be like this?

I’ve got three more very ripe bananas. I’ll go give it another try. Perhaps I will try being a little less gentle with my turning of the batter…..and I’ll use a bigger spoon. Hopefully that will do the trick!


3 comments on “My Marble Technique Can Use Some Work

  1. Your Chocolate-Banana-Marble Bread was DELISH!! I must say, while I was eating it, I kept wondering “how did she get the brown to stay in one place and the yellow to stay in the other?”. =o) I LOVE Banana bread, so this was even better when you had the combination of banana & chocolate swirled together. I think the chocolate was pretty strong (not a bad thing), but definitely better to have some choco and some banana all in one bite. Overall, great bread – even if there was more chocolate on one side than swirled around evenly. That’s what makes it unique and “homemade”. Great job, Irene!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed it too. The chocolate did surprised me. I didn’t expect it to truly taste like chocolate. (I find that some chocolate cakes and breads just look brown and taste sweet).

  2. I know from experience that this was tasty!! Yum!

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