Salt Dough Gift Tags etc….

Salt Dough Tags

After baking 4 different muffins and sticky buns within the course of one week, I decided to give my waistline a little break and work on a craft. I decided to play with salt dough and see what I could make. This dough can be used to make gift tags, ornaments, and jewelery. It can be shaped in a variety of ways, and you can dry it out either by waiting patiently for a couple days, or by baking it in a low temperature oven. With my salt dough, I made a few gift tags. Here is the simple recipe for salt dough

Salt Dough

1 part salt (1/2 cup)

1 part water (1/2 cup)

2 parts flour (1 cup)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and you should end up with a workable dough in a minute or two. If it seems too dry just wet your hands to add a bit more water. If it seems too sticky, add a bit more flour.

The first time I made this dough, I made a real small amount; half of what’s listed above. I just wanted to experiment a bit. And I’m glad I did. There are so many different things you can do with it.

I knew I wanted to make tags, so I got a few stamps at Paper Source and small cat’s eye inkpads in various colors (they come as a set)

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the ink with the stamps or just leave the indentation of the stamp. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to bake them or let them air dry. So, I tried it all. I would suggest that if you do just want to leave indentations in your tag…..ummm….don’t bake them. They can puff up as they bake and you will lose your design. Here are a couple things I came up with.

This is a tag stamped with both inked stamps and indented using stamps without ink. This picture was taken before the tag was baked. In other words, this is how the dough looks before it dries. I later tried baking it and I could no longer read the letters indented in the dough very well. So, I decided on a different approach for my remaining tags.

These tags were made without baking. Just air dry. I also used the eraser of a pencil to make the grape and cherry designs. So….if you don’t have stamps…..Its ok! you can use other things. When they dry, the salt crystals are more noticeable. They also shrink a little bit and have a rustic look.

After these experiments, I decided I wanted to make a tag with a colorful design and attach it to a piece of card-stock so I could write a message on the back without difficulty. That’s when I came up with these.

Salt dough baked tags

Here is the process:

  • Roll your salt dough out so that it is about 3/16 of an inch think or just a bit over 1/8 inch.
  • Stamp your desired pattern onto the dough several time using a variety of colors. Feel free to let the images overlap (if that’s what you’re into)
  • Using a cookie/biscuit cutter in whatever size you like best (I used a 2 inch cutter) cut out circles from your patterned dough.
  • Using a skewer, make a hole at the top of each circle (if you forget to make the holes before baking….you won’t be able to make them later, so try not to forget. I almost did).
  •  Carefully place the circles onto a cookie sheet and bake at 200-250 degrees for about 90-120 minutes or until they have dried out and are hard. My circles didn’t really puff up….but they have been known to. So, be aware that you may end up with puffed circles. You may want to make extra….just to be safe.
  • Using the same size cutter used to make the tags, draw circles onto card-stock by tracing along the outside of the cutter with a pencil.
  • To cut your circles, use scissors to cut along the outside of the pencil marks.
  • You should end up with a circle slightly bigger than the baked/dried tag (the tags seem to shrink a bit in the oven).
  • Place a baked tag on top of a paper circle and line up the tops.
  • Use a pencil to mark onto the paper where the hole of the baked tag is.
  • Remove the baked tag and with a small hole punch (1/8″ diameter), punch a hole into the paper circle that will line up with the one on the baked tag.
  • Using a hot glue gun, place a spot of glue onto the baked tag and quickly attach the paper circle, being careful to line up the holes in both.
  • Attach string, twine. or ribbon.

I hope you have fun experimenting with salt dough! I would love to see what you come up with.


6 comments on “Salt Dough Gift Tags etc….

  1. I so have to try this. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  2. Lovely recipe, thanks for sharing! =)

  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing I remember making these for holiday ornaments with my mother as a child. We used food coloring for designs and cookie cutters or hand shaping for sculpting dough, making angels, presents, cats, snowmen, Star of Davids, etc. My question is, is it possible to use art pens to do hand designs?

    • yeah. You can use pens. I used a pen to make the stem for the cherries. Depending on your design, you may need to wait till after they are baked to draw on them. Check out this posting for salt dough ornaments. They’re pretty nice and she used pens to decorate. It looks to me like she’s had some practice 🙂

  4. That stamp with the houses is my favorite! Having seem them in person, I can attest to how good those tags look!

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