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Muffins: Day 3

Upside-Down blueberry muffins

Day 3 Muffins:Blueberry upside-down muffin

  • Same batter as day 1 and 2 but with twice as much lemon zest and no berries.
  • All the toppings (butter, brown sugar, lemon juice, blueberries,) go on the bottom.

Verdict: I love them.

Upside-down Muffins with blueberries

Cause they look funny and awkward.
When I first read the recipe, I was skeptical about this muffin. I thought it a bit of a cheater….. too much like a mini cake. I imagined it would be a pretentious “I’m better than the common muffin” sorta muffin. But, no! It’s super cute!
It trys desperately to make us love the least popular part of the muffin (the bottom) by putting all the berries there. And then sits awkwardly on its muffin top (that continues to be delicious) like it’s trying to hide something. And in the end, it come off looking something like a UFO. Generating visions in our imaginations of a super yummy galaxy.

Upside-down Muffin

“Those aliens can land a few of those things right on my table. Mission control has cleared them for landing!” ~M.Turner


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