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Muffins: Day 2


Ok. Here we go again.

Selfishness has now taken over. I am officially less concerned about bringing warmth and joy to the teacher’s lounge and more focused on finding a muffin I like.

Day 2:

  • Same Muffin (raspberry with lemon zest)
  • different topping – streusel
  • extra sugar (3/4cup rather than 2/3)
  • fresh baking powder
  • butter on the side (everything is better with more butter….right?)

Better. Much better! The teachers really enjoyed them. And even I enjoyed them. I’ll admit I was rather pleased with myself. They were moist and sweet! I should probably confess that I committed a big baking no no yesterday and that my baking powder was more than just a “little” expired. I think I’ll need to start checking the expiration date on my baking powder regularly. I’ve never made it through an entire container of that stuff, It always expires on me. I end up throwing it out when it’s still at least half full (I think they should sell it in smaller quantities. That and spaghetti sauce. We never use it all). Boooooo!!!! Though I’ve never doubted the importance of using unexpired baking powder, I just haven’t always checked 😦

But, not anymore: I hereby swear never to use expired baking powder again!

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