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Muffins Day 1

MuffinI thought it would be nice to take muffins to each of my schools this week. The idea of warm freshly baked muffins in the teacher’s lounge put a smile on my face. Just one little problem. I don’t like muffins. I somehow thought my opinion of them would change if I baked them myself. I was wrong. They’re not sweet enough and they’re a little biscuity (a tad dense). In their defense, my baking powder was a little expired. Either way, still not sweet enough. So, there went my grandiose idea of bringing warmth, joy, and feelings of appreciation to all my fellow teachers. Instead….”I made muffins!!!! I don’t really like them. But, you should try one! And by the way, read my blog”
On a positive note, they photographed pretty.

I’ll try again tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll find a muffin I like.

One comment on “Muffins Day 1

  1. I liked the 1.5 I had this morning…..but, the first one could have waited until after 6:30am…..

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