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Spiraled Coffee Cake

Spiraled Coffee Cake with Apricot, almond and chocolate

I’m glad to say that it’s the end of a very long week. And, we are nearing the beginning of summer break. This means that in the near future there will be much more baking and many more posts. If you didn’t already know, I’ve planed to commit my summer to baking and trying to expand my knowledge and experience in baking. Most of my posts will be thoughts on my first attempts at something new…..new to me.

To celebrate the end of this very long and exciting week (my students had their end of the year spring music concerts), I made two batches of Breakfast Dough. I put one batch away in the freezer for future use (sticky buns, perhaps)and with the other I put together this somewhat time consuming Apricot, Almond, and Chocolate Spiraled Coffee Cake from the Art and Soul of Baking.  I’ve been working my way through the “yeast breads” chapter in this book and it is exciting to finally come to something sweet.

Spiraled Coffee Cake

Spiraled Coffee Cake in two pieces, not 9. They’re attached.

I’ll be honest, the process for preparing the breakfast dough wasn’t the easiest. Adding the butter was a  messier, slipperier and lengthier process than I expected. And yet somehow it pulled itself together like it always seems to do. These yeast doughs are magical. So many transformations along the way.

Once the dough was finally ready I was able to begin the process for preparing the coffee cake. The preparation and assembly of this “cake” wasn’t difficult. But the description was a little confusing “slice at  1-1/2 inch intervals, cutting only 3/4 of the way…so the seam is still intact……Gently twist each slice away from the spine and lay it nearly flat…Alternate the directions of the twists.” hmmmm….A picture of the entire cake would have been nice. The description really is as accurate as possible, but when your “coffee cake” looks like a long log of partially attaches spiraled pastries you might questions yourself. When I read the word cake, a different image comes to mind. This is one of those instances when I could have used a photo of the entire loaf, rather than one artistic yummy slice.

But speaking of yummy. The combination of dried apricots, almond paste, sugar, and mini chocolate chips is not as good as it sounds. Its better!

This yummy treat was definitely worth all the time it took. I’m really looking forward to breakfast in the morning.

Happy Almost Summer!!!!!!


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