Re-purposed Ramekin & Bowl

I love my little glass prep bowls. The best thing is that I got them for $0.99 each! All……..

18 of them! But believe it or not, I’ve only once used all 18 at once. That was my wedding day.

I originally bought the bowls to place on the guest tables at our reception (We had a Mexican Loteria inspired wedding). See……

Photo by The Art of Emotion – flowers by A Simple Ceremony

After that, they spent about 6 months in my closet. Along with my uncleaned wedding gown, used candles, table number frames, etc…. While I did use the frames and candles at a Christmas party we hosted, I somehow forgot all about the bowls until a couple months ago. Maybe around the same time I decided to do more baking and start blogging about it. Unfortunately, not all 18 fit in the cupboard with my dishes. So 6 were gifted to the neighbor, one is being used to help water my basil plant, and another was re-purposed today and three little succulents now live inside.

There is a sweet little shop in my San Francisco neighborhood that has a “succulent bar.” It makes for a fun little DIY activity. You pick your succulent(s), you choose a pot/container (or bring your own, like I did), and you use the dirt, gravel and directions they provide in order to make your own little decorative succulent for your home.  So Fun! So Cute! If you don’t have a succulent bar in your neighbor hood, just re-read this paragraph and buy the materials listed in the 3rd sentence;-)

Or….visit the Urban Bazaar in the Innersunset (they even offer succulent terrarium workshops).

I’m also trying my luck with one of the air plants they sell. The Air Plant is currently living in a ramekin that gets very little use (again, I have more than I typically use at once). I decorated its little home with some moss and gravel that I also purchased at Urban Bazaar.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my new little friends……their days may be numbered. My thumbs aren’t especially green.


2 comments on “Re-purposed Ramekin & Bowl

  1. […] Irene came in and potted up a bunch of succulents at The Succulent Bar in our backyard, and wrote this great blog post about it on her blog, Home Schooled Baking! Check it out for some prettiness and […]

  2. Irene! Your little bowl arrangements are darling!! You are so artsy craftsy…

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