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A Not Too Traditional Bridal Shower: Luba’s inspired sadwich bar

I may have mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I would be hosting a bridal shower. Well, the event took place yesterday. And it was fun (or at least I would like to think so)!

People interacting, active, and smiling = proof of fun.

The bride and groom aren’t registered anywhere and the bride to be requested recipes rather than gifts. So…… I wanted to make sure she got her recipes. People either emailed or brought a favorite recipe to share with Luba and we placed them in a decorated binder (pretty traditional).


But….then we deviated from the typical bridal shower. My idea of “bridal shower games” involved a Luba and Jeff inspired culinary challenge. Create a sandwich that would happily marry  Luba’s favorite ingredients and Jeff’s favorite ingredients.

The first step was to find out what the happy couple likes…without revealing anything about the “game.” This resulted in amusing email exchange……amusing to me anyway, considering I knew what I needed the information for

Jeff’s response included:
Sauces/dips:Luba’s caper sauce that she puts on roasted red potatoes, hollandaise sauce
Meat-dish or product: Lamb I guess (we eat every animal with impunity)
Snacks: Chips and Salsa, pounds of chocolate

Luba’s response included:
Meat-dish or product: roast chicken, scallops
Snacks: chips and salsa, fruit
Grains/breads: “rustic” bread, rice
So…. can I interest anyone in a scallop and chocolate sandwich? Or….how ’bout animal meat and fresh fruit……with a touch of hollandaise?

Luckily there were some more reasonable option (although still a little out of the ordinary).

We printed out a list of the couple’s “likes” and set up a spread of various ingredients from the lists.

We then had the guests collaborate to create their sandwich recipes.

Yup….Brussel sprouts and red pepper flakes

We presented the completed sandwiches to the bride to be.

Every meat and cheese available

Lamb sausage with brussle sprouts, peppers, chili flakes and goat cheese.

Apricot jam with chili flakes, chicken, peppers and tomato

Luba’s caper sauce, chicken and brussel sprouts

The bride to be chose a favorite and the guests wrote their recipes on recipe cards and added them to the binder.

The future Bride and the Winner!

Dessert info to come…..(maybe tomorrow)


One comment on “A Not Too Traditional Bridal Shower: Luba’s inspired sadwich bar

  1. Let it be known to the world that you threw the best bridal shower ever! And now I can come read this post whenever I want, and drool over all of those crazy sandwiches!

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