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Muffins: Day 2

Muffins: Day 2

Ok. Here we go again. Selfishness has now taken over. I am officially less concerned about bringing warmth and joy to the teacher’s lounge and more focused on finding a muffin I like. Day 2: Same Muffin (raspberry with lemon zest) different topping – streusel extra sugar (3/4cup rather than 2/3) fresh baking powder butter […]

Muffins Day 1

I thought it would be nice to take muffins to each of my schools this week. The idea of warm freshly baked muffins in the teacher’s lounge put a smile on my face. Just one little problem. I don’t like muffins. I somehow thought my opinion of them would change if I baked them myself. […]

Challah french toast & Challah bread pudding

After baking 2 different kinds of challah for mothers day weekend, I found myself with quite a bit left over. And, challah tastes so much better the day it is baked than it does the next day, or the day after that. So, I chose to do the obvious with my leftovers. I don’t have […]

Challah for my Mama

This past Mother’s Day I felt inspired by the Daring Bakers’ challenge to make Challah for my Mama. Who I typically don’t call mama, I generally prefer, “mother,” “ma,”or “mamacita” as you can see here on her mother’s day card. And yes….I still make cards for my mother. In my opinion, certain holidays require homemade […]