DIY Cake Stand Project

Not too long ago, I came across a cute post and tutorial on Eat Drink Pretty for DIY cake stands using plates, goblets, and candle sticks.

Ever since then, I’ve been meaning to find the time to do this project myself. Well, today was the day!I’m hosting a bridal kitchen/ recipe themes bridal shower next weekend and I think these will be a really nice addition.

The tools/ supplies required:

  1. Plate(s)
  2. candles stick(s), vase(s), glass(es), goblet(s), and/or cup(s) – basically whatever you would like to glue your plate to.
  3. Epoxy
  4. heavy book(s)
  5. spray paint – optional
  6. gloves – optional

Last week, I passed by IKEA to pick up a few glasses and goblets. I had visited the store previously, just to see their selection. Going in this time, I knew exactly what I was looking for. POKAL. They seemed like the sturdiest option.

As for plates, my husband and I have inherited a number of plates from previous roommates and recently married friends who upgraded their dishes thanks to their wedding registries. So, we have plates to spare. I was able to choose a white set of plates from our collection of adopted dishes.

DIY cake stand supplies

I wasn’t sure how quickly or how messy the Epoxy would be (I had never used it before), so I decided to use dry erase markers to outline where I wanted to place the cup. I’m not sure this was necessary, because you can move the cup around a little bit when you first place it down. The glue takes a few minutes to set. However, the extra step didn’t hurt.

I mixed the adhesive as directed on the packaging (I wore gloves just to be extra cautious) and applied it to the glasses -not the plates. I then placed the glasses where I had outlined on the plates and weighed them down with a heavy book.

I let them dry for a couple hours, and they were ready! (the Epoxy directions say to wait an hour. I gave it some extra time)

DIY Cake Stands

If you like, you can also spray paint the bottom of the stands whatever color you wish. I’ve bought some yellow spray paint and I’m still deciding whether to use it. If I give it a try, I’ll update.


3 comments on “DIY Cake Stand Project

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  2. This is freakin’ AWESOME! Lol! I think I’m giddy!

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