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The Magic Chef

I think it safe to say that the stove in our apartment is…..unique.  In all honesty, we weren’t quite sure what it was when we first laid eyes on the Magic Chef. The lid was down (stove top covered) and we thought to ourselves, “Is that an icebox?” Luckily, it wasn’t an icebox, but rather the delightful Magic Chef by the American Stove Company. He’s been cooking and baking for well over 70 years and is surprisingly reliable.

There were definitely a couple things to get used to. For example, lighting the stove with a lighter (you can use a match if you prefer), not being able to read the numbers/ temperature on the dial, relying on an oven thermometer at all times, and waiting an extended amount of time for the oven to preheat. Other than that…Its a pretty normal stove and oven.

My Experiences with the Magic Chef:

So far, I haven’t had too many frustrating experiences with the Magic Chef. At the start, I struggled quite a bit to get the temperature to what I needed it at. Over time I learned to manage the dial a little better. All the things I’ve baked in this oven have done well. However, I do open the oven door somewhat regularly to check the oven thermometer while baking.  This does raise a bit of a concern for me. I’m hoping this won’t negatively affect some of the more complex baking I hope to attempt in the future. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. In the mean time, the Magic Chef and I are on good terms and enjoying our cooking and baking sessions together.


One comment on “The Magic Chef

  1. Luv this! My house was built in the 40’s and the kitchen was just a big square room. I looked at old stoves (like yours) and contemplated buying a really large antique Magic Chef, but I chickened out in the end. I ended up modernizing the kitchen, and the antique stove idea went “bye bye”. But this is a great looking stove. Luv the color and the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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