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The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet

I’ve got a number of books with (what appear to be) delightful dessert recipes. But in order to actually learn something, I knew I would need something more thorough. A book with more than just recipes. A book that would clearly explain procedures, techniques, ingredients, tools, etc…etc…

So…..I’ve started reading The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet.  It has several different chapters, each focusing on different types of pastries and breads and discussing the techniques specific to baking those recipes. The book does cover a very broad spectrum of topics. And while there may be various other books that focus on just one thing much more thoroughly, I think this is the perfect book to help me cross over from “recipe books” to books that actually discuss baking and technique. So far, I’ve found it to be very informative and full of many things I’ve never attempted to bake. And yet it’s not confusing. I do feel that this book was written to help inform and instruct individuals with limited to no training but a strong interest in baking  – Like me. I look forward to baking my way trough this book

The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet

Please feel free to suggest an informative or instructional book on baking. Thank you!


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