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The Magic Chef

I think it safe to say that the stove in our apartment is…..unique.  In all honesty, we weren’t quite sure what it was when we first laid eyes on the Magic Chef. The lid was down (stove top covered) and we thought to ourselves, “Is that an icebox?” Luckily, it wasn’t an icebox, but rather […]

Instant-Read Thermometer

My first new baking tool purchase was an easy to use instant-read thermometer. I only spent approximately $20 on it!!! So far, I’ve used this tool primarily for bread making. I’ve used the thermometer to check the internal temperature, for doneness….and to check the temperature of the warm water used to activate the yeast. Over […]

Old-Fashioned White Loaf

This is the first recipe in Mushet’s chapter on Yeast Breads and Rolls My mixer struggled…but, it came out well. More information to come.

The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet

I’ve got a number of books with (what appear to be) delightful dessert recipes. But in order to actually learn something, I knew I would need something more thorough. A book with more than just recipes. A book that would clearly explain procedures, techniques, ingredients, tools, etc…etc… So…..I’ve started reading The Art and Soul of […]